DfE accredited supplier

Software for Data Analysis (SDA) is a DfE accredited supplier.
The DfE's Analyse School Performance (ASP) service replaces RAISEonline on 31 July 2017.
SDA are an accredited supplier that has been given access to the data that sits behind the RAISEonline replacement service to develop innovative services that schools may procure if they chose in order to drive school improvement.
If you are a school with an idea for an innovative service please get in touch.

Here are some examples of how our insight and imagination are providing value to local government, schools, families and citizens:


Together with the National Casino Forum, SDA have designed and engineered SENSE, an innovative national system to enable people to easily and effectively self-exclude themselves if gambling becomes a problem.

Online Free School Meals

Starting with a simple online form, SDA's widely adopted OFSM system automates the entire process by which an FSM application can be made and a decision notified, delivering results in minutes or even seconds.


SDA's interactive Longitudinal Survey of Young People meticulously traces the attitudes, attainment and achievements of successive waves of children in England providing a trove of information for academics and policy makers.