In 1993 we delivered the first school performance tables on behalf of the Department for Education.
Now we're doing it for ourselves.
And for you.

You see, having grown with this thing we think that the data has got too complex. It takes teams of analysts to make sense of it and months to process it. The end result, whilst a powerful tool for Government and policy makers has become, well... abstract.

Our mission is simple: to cut through the noise and get to the point.

In our approach, we take an amalgam of all of this information and turn it into something people can understand: we call it the single indicator. By itself, it gives a first impression of the school it encapsulates: its attainment, its progress and its ability to stretch out beyond its environment. Together with a number of other factors that we publish, it begins to describe what’s on offer.
We don’t pretend it’s perfect – yet – but it does get us to the heart of the matter: what is right for our children?
Apart from this we also provide all our schools the opportunity to contextualise this information, so that they can tell their story. We think this offers value. We hope that you agree.

This is our technology in action. website

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Here are some examples of how our insight and imagination are providing value to local government, schools, families and citizens:


Together with the National Casino Forum, SDA have designed and engineered SENSE, an innovative national system to enable people to easily and effectively self-exclude themselves if gambling becomes a problem.

Online Free School Meals

Starting with a simple online form, SDA's widely adopted OFSM system automates the entire process by which an FSM application can be made and a decision notified, delivering results in minutes or even seconds.


SDA's interactive Longitudinal Survey of Young People meticulously traces the attitudes, attainment and achievements of successive waves of children in England providing a trove of information for academics and policy makers.