SENSE – the Self Enrolment National Self Exclusion system

SDA have been working closely with the National Casino Forum to design and engineer SENSE, a new approach to Corporate Social Responsibility in the world of UK Land Based Casino gambling.

SENSE represents a bold departure from our public sector “comfort-zone”. Liaising closely with representatives of all the major players in the Casino industry, SDA have integrated a huge range of administrative and technical systems to develop and deliver a single, seamless product that can now be found on the shop floor of every UK Casino, enabling people to self-exclude if gambling becomes a problem. The Gambling Commission have already recognised it as a "significant achievement".

Data that Delivers

SENSE centres on the concept of ‘voluntary exclusion’ and the support mechanisms around it. Voluntary exclusion is an important decision for a gambler to make, and SENSE is there to support them in their decision. Clearly, in the national context, this will rely on efficient, discrete and - most of all - secure information and communication technology to deliver a system that works on their behalf.

Pastures New

Developing and delivering SENSE has been an exhilarating experience for SDA. Investing our substantial expertise with data processing and systems development into such a cutting-edge and socially responsible project has been both demanding and rewarding. We are delighted with the result, and that we’ve been able to contribute to this ground-breaking product.

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