Interactive Longitudinal Survey of Young People in England (iLSYPE)

It’s quite a mouthful, isn’t it? But then again maybe that befits the world’s most comprehensive survey of young people.

Their attitudes, their aspirations, their attainment and their achievements have all been weighed, measured, catalogued and classified. It doesn’t stop there though; LSYPE enriches this with contextual information from their families, their schools and their locale. And then it revisits all of this information – every year – to track how these things have developed through time.

The main objectives of LSYPE have been: to gather evidence about the transitions young people make from secondary and tertiary education or training to economic roles in early adulthood; to enhance the ability to monitor and evaluate the effects of existing policy and provide a strong information base for future policy development and; to contextualise the implementation of new policies in terms of young people’s current lives.

The trouble is, it’s all locked up.

Enter SDA…

We have designed the interactive wrapper for this goldmine of information so that anybody – amateurs or experts, individual researchers or complex workgroups – can access the data. They can manipulate it, transform it, add to it or strip it down; thus using it to divine new meaning from all of these lives.

Don’t worry though, you can’t find out about the individuals whose experience has been so carefully charted. They’re rendered completely anonymous in iLSYPE, and the security and access rights of those who are interacting with the data are also carefully controlled on our bullet-proof servers hosted in the heart of London’s financial centre.

Our innovative approach has extended this rich evidence base out to the nation.

This is our technology in action.
iLSYPE website

Here are some examples of how our insight and imagination are providing value to local government, schools, families and citizens:

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