Key to Success: imagine a world without it…

Imagine you’re a school Head Teacher, wondering about your new intake of pupils. What are their strengths? Their weaknesses? Where must you put your resources in the forthcoming year?

Imagine you're a school administrator with a small child in front of you. You're not even clear of their name, much less their attainment. Where do you put them? How do you teach them?
Or imagine you're in a Local Authority, trying to track down the records of a new child in your care. Where are they from? How can you help?

Then again, imagine that you’re in the Department for Education and that you need to securely transfer some highly sensitive data to a range of stakeholders, but they must only have access to those data that are relevant to them.
Or perhaps you’re administering the Pupil Premium Summer School initiative and need to know who is eligible, and where they're coming from?


So what is it?

Think of it as a highly secure shell surrounding the National Pupil Database. Those for whom access is legitimate and can enter the details they have and find out what they need to know. The "corporate parent" in a Local Authority can go further: they can "fuzzy-match" against the whole database to establish the educational details of those who fall in their care. Its access is highly protected, both technically and by statute. SDA even contributed to the legislation that protects the information and the means by which it can be obtained.

Key to Success does all this. SDA developed it from scratch over ten years ago and it's still going strong - albeit under new management!

After 23 years, on March 31st 2016 our long relationship with the Department for Education ended. New ways of working and a shift in Government strategy has seen Key to Success moved "in-house". We wish them all the best.

Meanwhile, our outstanding code, techniques and abilities, trusted and relied upon by government for over two decades, go from strength to strength. And guess what...

We're available!