we know data…
inside out

big data, small data
structured, or not

yesterday it was just noise…
now it means business

what do you want to know today?

Here are some examples of how our insight and imagination are providing value to local government, schools, families and citizens:

Performance Tables

SDA provided the official school performance tables for the Department for Education every year between 1993 and 2016. With over 20 years of experience, we thought we'd try to make them simpler, and better. Take a look at SchoolPerformanceTables.com

Key to Success

From 31 March 2016 Capgemini took over delivery of KtS, using SDA's robust and enduring code to provide controlled, secure access to key data as well as searchable pupil level data on behalf of DfE.

Online Free School Meals

Starting with a simple online form, SDA's widely adopted OFSM system automates the entire process by which an FSM application can be made and a decision notified, delivering results in minutes or even seconds.