Easy to use, hard to beat.


The SCROLL survey platform is a rich framework which draws upon SDA’s 20+ years of experience in delivering web-based questionnaires and forms. Following its recent upgrade SCROLL is now marketed and delivered by GIDE, our sister company with offices in London and Nantes. If your principal interest is in survey-related work, here’s a quick rundown on SCROLL before you head over to GIDE.UK for the full details:


SCROLL's intuitive features make survey design accessible. Our comprehensive question library, a host of question-types, extensive survey logic and access to our powerful scripting language puts nothing beyond scope. When you're finished, test it to destruction. All done? You're good to go.


Whether you're distributing an anonymous URL via multiple channels, or mounting a fully managed and targetted campaign, SCROLL has got your back. Distribution, quotas, timing and tracking are all at your fingertips. When you're done, or time's up, it's time to start counting.


As soon as your survey goes live you have access to dynamic activity reports including survey connections, quotas and response stats. The onboard data and cross tabulation facilities make meaningful analysis available within SCROLL, but if you need to go further, comprehensive export facilities come as standard.


SCROLL offers multiple views of survey data from pre-set reports to complete flexibility in describing variables and granularity. You can create benchmark reports comparing your data across different levels of aggregation. If you need to go off-board there's also a full range of export facilities e.g. CSV, Excel, Quantum, SPSS and Triple-S.